We offer you the best renewable energy solutions in Sri Lanka.

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  • Solar Grid Tie (On Grid):

The installed domestic/commercial solar power system is connected with the main grid power system. The best way you can invest for future of your family and business. Any excess power that produced by your solar system will be uploaded to the main power grid for compensation Electricity Board, assuring your monthly bill become ZERO from the day we installed.


Domestic Solutions’Commercial Solutions’

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  • Solar Off Grid:

An installed Solar Power system not connected to the main grid power supply. Often use to power DC appliances in remote locations. Generated DC Electricity will be stored in Deep Cycle Batteries. 12 volt appliance can be run directly from the batteries or an Inverter can converts to 230v/50Hz AC electricity for standard home appliance.

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  • Hybrid Solutions:

Offered for Grid Tie Domestic Solutions to power the required household appliance in an event of Main Grid power supply failure.

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  • EV Charging:


UK Technology: We have been working with electric vehicle charging systems from the beginning, so we’ve got an in-depth understanding of the market and the available technology

We work with leading charge point manufacturers for businesses and homeowners



  • Home Charging:

Hybrid Solar Provides a safe secure low cost EV Charging point solutions for homeowners.

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Our specialist installers are keen to offer solutions to homeowners with more complex installations that may require ground works, civil works or with long cable runs.


  • Commercial EV Charging:

Hybrid Solar Provides a range of commercial EV charging solutions with a full consultancy, installation and maintenance services for any Commercial or Office premises.


  1. EV Payment and Management Solutions.

We offer a range of EV charging solutions with various end user payment and management systems.

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  • Public Facing EV Charging.

We offer a range of specially designed EV charging points solutions for public facing locations, ie: Supermarkets, Railway Stations, Sports venues, Hotels, Restaurants, Car parks, etc

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  • Solar Hot Water (Solar Thermal):

Solar hot water systems (Solar Thermals) fitted to your roof collect heat from the sunlight and use it to heat up water which is stored in a hot water cylinder.

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  • Wind Turbine:

Wind turbines use the power of the wind to generate electricity. The blades catch the blowing wind and forced to drive the turbine to generate electricity, the stronger the wind, the more electricity produced.


Hybrid solar offers pole mounted and roof mounted domestic or commercial turbines from 1kW -6kW.

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  1. Free Site Surveying.

One of our Engineers will be visiting your site to assess your energy requirement.

  1. Tailor made your Hybrid Solar solution.

A Tailor made solution will be offered after evaluating all your requirements with recommended options.

  1. Sign up the Hybrid Solar Agreement.

An agreement will be signed between you and Hybrid Solar explaining the benefit of your investment and the payback period.

  1. Solar Installation.

Your new efficient tailor made Solar System will be installed within 3 days according the certified Safety and Electrical Standards.

  1. Monitor your System.

We offer you the best after service you can possibly imagine.