Domestic Grid Tie Solutions

The installed Domestic/Commercial solar power system is connected with the main grid power system. The best way you can invest for future of your family. Any excess power that produced by your solar system will be uploaded to the main power grid for compensation Electricity Board, assuring your monthly bill become ZERO from the day we installed. If your Electricity Bill is Over Rs.5000.00, it is time to change your energy source now.



Domestic - Basic.

If you are currently spending between 200-300 units (KWh) per month or Rs.5000 – 7000 for your Electricity Bills, it is worth changing your energy source. We offer the Basic package for you.

Domestic - Economy.

If you are currently spending between 300-500 units (KWh) per month or Rs.10000 – 20000 for your Electricity Bills, it is the time for you to make a lifetime investment. You should change your energy source to solar energy.

Domestic - Smart.

If you are currently spending over 500 units (KWh) per month or over Rs. 20000.00 for your Electricity Bills, you should have changed your energy source yesterday to solar energy.! Please contact our consultation team today.

Domestic - Value.

Affordable minimum billing for half the price. If your usage is less than 200 units (KWh) or your monthly electricity bill is between 2000-5000 LKR. We will provide you the lowest price Solar system in Sri Lanka.